Headshot of Toby Syer, Co-Founder & Creative Director of SierraTango.

Toby Syer

Founder & Creative Director

Creative // Original // Enthusiastic

An experienced Creative with a degree in creative advertising and 5 plus years of experience at some of the biggest and best agencies that London has to offer, including BBH, Saatchi and Saatchi and McCann Worldwide.

Toby has been the brains behind ideas for campaigns that stretch onto almost every media channel including TV ads, billboard posters, social media and online video content, and he is always excited for the opportunity to keep making more.

I love developing original ideas.

I’ve been Lead Creative on a number of projects, most recently I led my agency to win BBC Bitesize Science project. A first for a Creative to win such a BBC project. I also led content creation for ‘Black Swan Moments’ campaign that launched the McLaren sports series, as well as creating branding and content to launch Rise Ski Festival.

Stephanie Wright

Stephanie Wright

Founder & Strategic Director

Strategic // Commercial //Committed

An experienced marketing professional, with a degree in Business with Marketing and 5 plus years of cross industry experience, including healthcare, higher education, hospitality, consultancy, events and finance.

Steph loves putting together a good plan. Her forte is integrated marketing plans, including but not limited to PR, social media, email, website, PPC, print and live events.

I throw 100% at everything I do.

I’ve managed everything from email campaigns, to large scale print jobs, exhibitions, new websites, PPC, social media and everything in between. I deliver strong ROI on marketing spend whether it be to reach as many people as possible to drive revenue. Not only do I love seeing a plan come together, I’m a geek for reporting and always aim to optimise. 

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